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Mass personalisation using next-generation intelligent notification technology

xMatters has managed to successfully bridge the gap between the IT domain where it has traditionally enjoyed huge success and begin applying its technology to a whole host of new increasingly non-IT centric business problems.


Some of you will perhaps know them better as AlarmPoint and may even have employed their products to notify interested parties about key incidents from Event Management and Service Desks platforms (Long standing OEM relationships with HP and BMC to name a few).


In recent months they have taken the decision to rebrand their solution as a 'relevance engine', a somewhat quirky and novel term which (quite rightly we believe) emphasises the products unique ability to intelligently control the delivery of critical business information to the right people at the right time.


Driven by a set of flexible rules which control how you'd like system to people communication within your business to occur - this is powerful stuff. At Holonomix, one of our first activities will be to introduce (x)matters to our friends in the EMC Smarts user community, a group that has traditionally been somewhat deprived of advanced mass personalisation capabilities.


As you can probably anticipate, the application of (x)matters technology is only really constrained by your imagination. With a very compelling business ROI story, a mature and feature rich product, slick new website, passionate customer base, active online user community, and a brilliant team behind them, we are very excited about working with these folks.

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