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Why Holonomix

A simple and compelling value proposition

Holonomix is the UK's leading IT Management company. Our particular expertise is in facilitating automation and integration of our customers resource-intensive IT operations tasks.

In a nutshell, we enhance or replace outdated, manually intensive IT processes and tools with next generation software solutions and services. Our value proposition is clear and compelling - we deliver highly quantifiable cost savings and service delivery improvements to our customers.


Since our inception in 2004, it has been Holonomix’s vision to provide integrated multivendor solutions to our customer base, using only best in class next-generation products. Together, with our unprecedented understanding of our customers’ business and operational challenges and our extensive knowledge of the capabilities of commercially available products, we are uniquely positioned to bring to market innovative and integrated solutions.


Holonomix’s multi-faceted and holistic approach to solution delivery has been validated by our acquisition of an impressive array of blue-chip customers including, BT, Orange, Malaysia Telekom, EMC, DELL, Deutsche Bank, Nomura & Vodafone all of which have contracted with Holonomix for the delivery of solutions to meet their complex requirements.

Holonomix’s expertise covers the overall solution delivery model from the Requirements Gathering stage though to Production Support. We employ a proven multi-phase Project Methodology encompassing High Level Design (HLD), Low Level Design (LLD), Product Implementation & Customisation / Software Development & Testing, Customer Systems Integration Testing, Training and Handover. This methodology is backed up by an experienced Project Management capability that interfaces directly with the customer’s PMO to ensure project governance.


In addition to our Professional Services we have developed a portfolio of our own products based around the EMC Smarts application suite. The products augment the capability of EMC Smarts to enhance the operational activities required to support large network infrastructures. Furthermore, they have been specifically designed to facilitate intuitive and automated interaction with large, complex and distributed deployments of EMC Smarts solutions. 


Holonomix enjoy good relationships with all the major vendors in the OSS space. Having developed API level integrations between many of the OSS / Security applications we are seen as a valuable extension to their own delivery capability by a number of the vendors. In fact our knowledge of the products and understanding of the operational challenges faced by their customers often make us their preferred delivery vehicle. An example of this is in the recent development of multiple Adapter integrations between Network EMS applications and EMC Smarts APM for a major Telecommunications company where our knowledge of the EMC Smarts product set and API Level calls positioned us as the only choice for the design, delivery and support of the solution.


Holonomix also develop their own in-house Network Management & Network Security software solutions that have been deployed into some of the largest organisations in the world.

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