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Unified monitoring

ScienceLogic's integrated solution unifies your cloud and data center management, providing visibility and control of your IT resources, no matter where they are located. ScienceLogic provides monitoring across an organisations entire estate - physical and virtual systems, applications, network components, and more – whether in the cloud or in the data center.

ScienceLogic has designed its solution to be different from every other IT operations management software toolset out there. There are no modules—you get it all in one solution. From data center management to service provider operations management, ScienceLogic provides a centralized management and monitoring platform for service providers and enterprises.

The platform supports how IT operations actually works. Whether you're a system administrator, a network engineer, the data center manager, or the CIO, you get the individual tools and views that you need, pre-integrated, so that you can monitor your entire IT operations through a single pane of glass.
Monitoring and managing all the components that make up IT service or application delivery (e.g., servers, networks, applications, virtual servers) suddenly becomes easier. You get unified fault management, plus availability and performance management, plus asset management, plus IT ticketing - the full spectrum of IT operations management.



  • Topology discovery of virtual infrastructure with drill-down details

  • Consolidate physical, virtual, and cloud management operations from a single platform

  • Manage private clouds and public clouds (Saas, PaaS, and IaaS) from one platform

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