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Advanced IP Route Analytics

Based on break-through IP route analytics technology, Packet Design solutions help network engineers provide a predictable IP service infrastructure for increasingly demanding and sensitive converged applications. By providing unprecedented visibility, analysis, troubleshooting and planning of the dynamic interactions within IP networks.

Route Explorer allows network engineers to understand and tame mysterious and unpredictable network behavior, optimise traffic delivery, and help achieve their customers business and productivity goals. The result is lowered operational costs, higher productivity and improved network availability.

Traffic Explorer combines real-time flow-based traffic and routing analysis and modelling to enable peering and transit analysis, capacity planning, network chargeback, and highly accurate operational routing and traffic planning.









Route Explorer and Traffic Explorer Solutions

Service Providers: Provide enterprise Internet and IP WAN services customers with higher service assurance and more competitive visibility into their IP Services, improve operational efficiency and productivity, achieve greater top and bottom-line results

Broadband and Cable Operators: Provide subscribers with more reliable and predictable IP-based grand-slam services, and optimize IP engineering for more cost-effective service convergence

Enterprises: Achieve the mandate of delivering a predictable and explainable IP service infrastructure, increase network engineering's productivity and responsiveness, and strengthen IT's credibility

Government: Ensure availability and reliability of critical public services, increase productivity, and enhance network management visibility against security threats

Education: Deliver reliable and predictable IP service, with network-wide visibility for enhanced security and availability


Integration with other ITOM solutions


Holonomix has successfully integrated Packet Design Route Explorer technology with EMC's Smarts (Ionix ITOI) platform via the Packet Design Integration Module (PIM), part of Holonomix's S3c suite.



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