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IT Operational intelligence - full visibility into your network environment

ExtraHop provides real-time operational intelligence for complex, dynamic production environments. The world’s best-run IT organizations use ExtraHop to manage more than a quarter-million devices and monitor billions of transactions daily. Unlike legacy monitoring tools that provide narrow views into technology silos, the ExtraHop system equips all IT groups with real-time visibility across the entire application delivery chain comprising the network, web, VDI, API and middleware, database, and storage tiers—down to individual sessions, flows, and transactions. An open, extensible platform, ExtraHop deploys in 15 minutes without agents, provides immediate value, and scales to cover all applications with zero overhead.

By focussing on network-based application instrumentation, ExtraHop has chosen to view the network as the common service and golden source of data which underpins the entire virtualised application infrastructure.  What makes ExtraHop somewhat unique when compared to other network based approaches e.g. NetFlow is that Extrahop also undertakes payload inspection rather than just summarising header data, thereby giving much deeper insight into application performance and behaviour.

ExtraHop is the global leader in real-time wire data analytics. The ExtraHop Operational Intelligence platform automatically discovers, classifies, and maps applications, systems and their relationships, delivering immediate value out of the box and providing application-level visibility with no agents, configuration or overhead. This innovative approach provides the correlated, cross-tier visibility essential for application performance, availability, and security in today’s complex and dynamic IT environments.

What is Wire Data?

Information on the wire is the best source of cross-tier visibility and the basis for real-time IT operational intelligence. The information needed for operational intelligence has always existed on the wire, but previously was not available in real time or in a way that was easily understood. The ExtraHop platform introduces revolutionary wire data analysis capabilities that make it possible—for the first time—to fully analyze the wealth of data that passes over the wire in real time and present it in a way that makes sense for any IT Operations professional.

Today, all IT & business transactions occur across a network. The ExtraHop platform automatically discovers and classifies everything within a customer’s environment as it happens in real time using a simple, agentless deployment model.

The ExtraHop platform delivers unmatched visibility. Whether it is application and infrastructure performance monitoring, device/user interactions, or critical business-level transactions, no one else can deliver this unique visibility for IT and business intelligence.

Making sense of data is a top priority for customers, but can be difficult to achieve. The ExtraHop platform provides turnkey analytics capabilities throughout the platform, from real-time performance metrics to detailed historical transactions.

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