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EMC Ionix ('Smarts') IP suite Version 8.x Upgrade Service





    • Cost-effective package of consultancy services that delivers risk-free upgrade to the latest version of the Ionix suite.
    • Augment your in-house project team with the industry's leading Ionix experts
    • Proven migration methodology
    • All activities undertaken under formal project management discipline
    • Full acceptance testing and documentation updates
    • Fast Track vendor escalation of any unresolved issues



    • Accelerates the deployment of the latest version of EMC’s Ionix ITOI suite to easily and efficiently manage your IT environment.
    • Provides a tried and tested and well documented process for upgrading the Ionix/Smarts solution suite - helping ensure the product continues to function in alignment with your overall IT Operations Management processes
    • Helps reduce the risk associated with implementing a major systems upgrade by leveraging Holonomix’s proven methodology and experience.
    • Complement internal skills and achieve operational efficiencies by leaving the work of upgrading to Ionix experts while allowing your own staff to focus on their day-to-day support activities.


      Service Overview 

      Version 8 of EMC's Ionix IT Operations Intelligence solution (formerly Smarts) introduces a number of exciting new features including:

        • Significant performance and scalability improvements

        • Support for 64-bit operating systems

        • New 'Single server' architecture

        • Support for Cisco Nexus 500/7000 series and Layer 3 switches

        • Asynchronous SNMP (ASNMP) support

        • 'Incremental Reconfigure' capability


      While wishing to take advantage of these new features, customers with production Ionix ITOI deployments will be well aware of the potential risks and operational impact associated with transitioning to a major new software version. As the UK's leading EMC ITOI/Smarts systems integrator, Holonomix has gained extensive experience upgrading large and complex Ionix/Smarts deployments and is uniquely placed to offer its expertise to the wider Ionix/Smarts community.


      Expert assistance planning your Version 8 migration strategy

      Holonomix consultants with an intimate understanding of EMC Ionix/Smarts will work with you to carefully plan your IP Suite Version 8 upgrade. 

      During the planning phase, our consultants will assess your specific requirements and create a detailed project plan customized to meet your business and technical needs. 

      Before migrating from an older IP installation to IP Management Suite Version 8, Holonomix consultants will help you plan your deployment and answer questions such as:

        • How can I safely migrate my mission-critical Ionix ITOI data?
        • Will hardware and operating systems also need to be upgraded?
        • How many IP Managers are necessary to perform discovery and monitoring of network elements?
        • Does the current IP deployment include communication with satellite domain managers such as NPM, MPLS, Multicast, VoIP, or SAM?

      Migration to Version 8 also requires that you consider any customizations made in your existing Ionix ITOI installation. Customizations affecting configuration files, management policies, dynamic model extensions, or adapters must often be separately migrated.



        • Pre-installation tasks such as obtaining v8.1 licenses, reviewing (and if necessary upgrading) any hardware and operating systems and reviewing prior customisations.
        • Software install and configuration tasks such as network rediscovery.
        • Migration of data from older IP suite deployments such as polling and threshold settings, CLI details, discovery filters and managed state of interfaces and ports.
        • Verification of the installation including service and program start-up, log files and process status.
        • Acceptance testing. Holonomix consultants will work with you to perform extensive user acceptance testing to ensure that the upgraded solution meets your business and technical needs.
        • Updated documentation. Holonomix consultants will maintain your Ionix/Smarts ‘as built’ systems documentation to reflect any changes, ensuring that you have an accurate record of the configuration of your new system.


      Pricing, Availability and Ordering Information

      Pricing from £7,500, dependent on the size and complexity of your Ionix/Smarts deployment. Please contact your local account representative for further details.