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Monday, 28 February 2011 15:04

HoloSphere: Latest Web 2.0 technology

Given its exclusive use of advanced Web 2.0 technology HoloSphere is fast, intuitive, easy to deploy and massively scalable.






HoloSphere also features support for sophisticated automation platforms such as EMC IT Orchestrator and Microsoft Opalis. This allows HoloSphere to be used as the basis of a customer self-provisioning and reporting web portal solution - reducing workload on service provider staff and facilitating the delivery of value-add services.

By providing secure access to ITOM data and interaction for end-users, HoloSphere simplifies and consolidates users access to ITOM data by avoiding the need to grant access to underlying management systems and presenting a single unified view across all facets of a customer's service. HoloSphere also features in-built support for multi-tenancy, a key IT service provider requirement.




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