Next-generation Application Performance Management. 


ExtraHop, is a brand new Network appliance based Application Performance Management (NAPM) solution.

Founded by the highly successful team behind F5, at Holonomix we've been impressed by how quickly the product deploys, how easy it is to drive and the quality and depth of information that it provides. This is particularly refreshing given our previous exposure to a number of complex and confusing application management technologies - many of which have failed to live up to expectations.

Click on the 4 minute video below to learn how the ExtraHop solution works.

ExtraHop overview

'Out of the box' integration with SevOne

What makes ExtraHop so compelling for us is that its very self-contained, doesn't rely on legacy monitoring technologies or agents and integrates 'out of the box' with Holonomix's preferred network performance management solution, SevOne.





ExtraHop features 'out of the box' integration with SevOne



This means that we are now able to offer our customers a seamless end to end set of performance management capabilities, that encompass all seven OSI layers from network infrastructure and servers all the way through to the mission-critical applications that support your business.


Managing performance of Cloud-based services

While there is a profusion of application performance technologies, few if any are capable of coping with the particular challenges that increased adoption of cloud technologies and server virtualisation bring. To quote analyst, Jim Frey of EMA:


"For while a number of approaches have been brought to market to address this need, most have fallen short either due to a lack of complete visibility or a lack of analytical depth or sophistication. One of the few constants is that networks must keep everything in contact and provide the communications element which allows all the parts to work together as a whole"

By focussing on network-based application instrumentation, ExtraHop has chosen to view the network as the common service and golden source of data which underpins the entire virtualised application infrastructure.  What makes ExtraHop somewhat unique when compared to other network based approaches e.g. NetFlow is that Extrahop also undertakes payload inspection rather than just summarising header data, thereby giving much deeper insight into application performance and behaviour.

Another fantastic example of an innovative IT management 'bridging' technology that brings together the traditionally disperate silos of network, systems and applications and very much a company to watch for the future.