Why Holonomix ?


A simple and compelling value proposition

Holonomix is the UK's leading IT Management company. Our particular expertise is in facilitating automation and integration of our customers resource-intensive IT operations tasks.

In a nutshell, we enhance or replace outdated, manually intensive IT processes and tools with next generation software solutions and services. Our value proposition is clear and compelling - we deliver highly quantifiable cost savings and service delivery improvements to our customers.

Since our inception in 2004, Holonomix has established a highly demonstrable, track record of innovation and introducing leading IT management technologies to the UK marketplace. Time and again we have been able to successfully deliver significant customer benefits using our unique portfolio of sophisticated integration and automation capabilities.

To do this we design, deliver and provide ongoing support for a flexible and innovative mix of software solutions and combine this with industry-leading professional services to ensure a risk-free delivery and seamless transition into our customers production environments and rapid return on investment (ROI)

Our aim is always to complement our customers existing investments in IT management tools rather than undertake 'forklift' replacement. Our portfolio of solutions has been assembled over the course of many years spent responding to real-world customer IT management challenges.

Growing Customer base

Today our many satisfied customers include industry leaders such as BT, Cable and Wireless, O2, Jersey Telecom, Deutsche Bank and Orange.



Jersey Telecom


Deutsche Bank

Each of the above organisations share our unique vision - namely that IT management solutions have historically been too complex and costly to operate. It is increasinglt being recognised that the uncontrolled proliferation of different tools and technologies (often acquired from a variety of different vendors) leads to large scale operational inefficiencies and misalignments with business needs.

Our Vision

Today a radically different approach to IT management is called for. Holonomix's vision comprises the delivery of solutions with much higher levels of tools integration and increased automation - closely aligned to operational process. Our success to date has been built on a growing reputation as an unparalleled pioneer and industry leader in this field.

To help facilitate this very fundamental shift, Holonomix has identified and developed a portfolio of innovative techniques and tools that simplify, integrate and automate our customers IT management processes and associated tools. Holonomix technology partners portfilo has been assembled from the offerings of the industry's leading vendors. Each component is selected following an intensive Holonomix due-diligence process that takes into account not only product features and functions, but cost-effectiveness together with a demonstrable track record and compelling future vision and product roadmap.







Open, transparent and responsive to your needs

Not only is Holonomix visionary and highly innovative but we also pride ourselves in being highly trustworthy, open and wholly transparent in our business dealings - above all we want our customers to feel that we are highly dependable and easy to do business with. In Holonomix we hope you will find a true business partner that is both dynamic and agile and highly committed to addressing your IT management needs.