VMTurbo: Your key to virtualization costs savings

VMTurbo delivers four primary sources of           savings:

  1. Server & Storage cost reduction due to improved resource utilization
  2. Software license cost reduction due to elimination of physical & virtual infrastructure sprawl
  3. Infrastructure cost savings due to lower electricity, A/C, floor space, and rack space costs
  4. Lower support/personnel costs through automation of tasks associated with incident/problem management, capacity planning, optimization and stakeholder reporting
    VMTurbo - Key to cost savings  


Using VMTurbo, there are typically two principal cases in which savings can occur:


(1) Cost Savings (Current):

Associated with consolidation of today’s environment achieved through improved workload balancing, server decommissioning, and storage recovery;

(2) Cost Avoidance (Future):

In a growth scenario, due to the improved cost curve.

VMT Cost Curve

With VMTurbo’s Monitor and Planner tools, you can:

    • Identify dormant VMs
    • Identify wasted storage
    • Consolidate servers through workload balancing
    • Simulate adding VM's to explore when you will need additional hardware