NEW Holonomix Products 


At Holonomix we're always on the lookout for new and exciting IT management products. In recent years we've established an impressive track record of introducing complementary and class-leading new technologies, such as SevOne and Packet Design, to our customers.

These next-generation management solutions have helped our customers acheive significant cost savings and productivity improvements - often by displacement of solutions whose best days are far behind them.

This tradition continues apace and I'm delighted to announce a bumper crop of new products comprising a significant expansion of our vendor portfolio.

Over the last few months we've simultaneously introduced solutions from three exciting new companies VMTurbo(x)matters and ExtraHop - all of which represent the very highest levels of functionality, innovation and value for money in their respective IT management areas"


vmturbo-logo xmatters-logo extrahop-logo



Of course its not always easy to be successful selling management solutions to organisations with limited IT budgets, that already possess a full kit bag of existing tools and who are often somewhat fatigued by similar marketing messages and a lack of true innovation from some of their legacy suppliers.

With the above in mind we make it our business to carefully select products that combine unique feature sets and undeniably compelling business cases.

So all in all a really very exciting set of new product introductions for Holonomix customers to look forward to. We look forward to sharing more information about these with you including out of the box integrations with HoloSphere in the coming weeks.