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Michael Bohnel, Holonomix Technical Services Director. 

 "The Packet Design Route Explorer (REX) appliance can be configured to make use of external authentication protocols such as TACACS+ and Radius (in addition to the default local authentication capability provided out of the box) This Holonomix AppNote describes how to enable TACACS+ authentication to a CiscoSecure ACS server"


Note – CiscoSecure ACS versions 4.x & 5.x are significantly different in their UI functionality, although in principle the approach used for version 4.x below is applicable to version 5.x.


(1) On the Packet Design REX Administration: User Administration screen you will need to define the TACACS+ Server and Shared Secret (selecting the Show Shared Secret button will show the entry in clear text – useful for validating you have entered it correctly). Click on Update to apply the change.


Chris Lowth, Holonomix Software Development Director


Darren Prince, Holonomix Managing Director

"At Holonomix we're very familiar with the majority of established products in the Network and Systems Performance reporting space. Afterall most large IT organisations have had products such as CA's Concord eHealth, InfoVista and Alcatel-Lucent's VitalSuite deployed since the late 1990's. But while we're often required to deploy, customise and integrate these products, until recently we've been somewhat reluctant to incorporate a performance reporting product into our vendor product portfolio".

So here it is, after much head scratching/remembering how to build websites, we are happy to finally launch our new site.


We hope you'll agree that the effort was worthwhile, and that this site offers much more than its previous incarnation. The new site will contain information which we hope will be of interest to ITOM/OSS professionals. Our eventual goal is for the site to facilitate an online community for our customers to communicate with us, and each-other.